President's Annual Goals

2021-22 Goals

1.1 Increase the University's four-year graduation rate (PBF metric) to 38%.
1.2 Increase second year retention rate to 90.0%.
Develop and execute action plans that deliver first-time licensure pass rates of:

2.1 Nursing to 80%
2.2 Law to 80%
2.3 Pharmacy to 88%
2.4 Physical Therapy to 87%
Increase annual giving to $12M.
Increase total R&D expenditures to $43M.
5.1 Strategy Development - Develop a comprehensive and forward-looking strategic plan with input from various stakeholders for BOT and BOG consideration.
5.2 Talent Acquisition, Development, Retention, Succession and Organizational Effectiveness
5.3 Create Culture of Accountability (performance matters)/Produce Customer Service Improvement Initiative
6.1 Financial Health - Strengthen the University's financial health by achieving or exceeding a minimum debt coverage ratio less than or equal to 1.0.
6.2 Strategic Resource Allocations - Develop and align resource allocations to adequately support the University's annual strategic priorities in all areas including athletics.
Continue to expand relationship-building with key stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, Boards, alumni, elected officials (local, state, national), corporations and the local community.